Student Wellbeing

Student wellbeing at St Brigid’s Catholic School is central to learning and school improvement. Wellbeing refers to students’ physical, social and emotional wellbeing and development. Evidence suggests that these elements are integral rather than incidental to learning. Learners will find it difficult to engage with learning programs if they are distracted by significant physical, social and emotional issues.

Staff members play an important role in fostering engagement and wellbeing so that students are able to achieve their best and enjoy their educational experience.

Cyber Safety


St Brigid’s school wishes to help parents, carers and teachers to understand the technological landscape so that we can help our young people have fun, stay in control, and stay safe. As an eSmart school we want help the whole school community understand how young people use information and communication technologies, such as the Internet, mobile devices and gaming devices, to have fun. These applications also pose some issues and knowing how to minimise these risks is how young people can stay in control. If something does happen, we want to educate people on how to report these problems. For more information see Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner



Our school has run a buddy program for many years. Buddy systems can help to promote friendship and support between older and younger students through regular collaboration between their classes, which fosters a sense of whole-school community. The key characteristic of our buddy system is the participation of older students in positive, supportive, structured and facilitated one-on-one relationships with younger students. The Prep students are matched with Year 5 senior students who remain buddies for two years.



We understand that changing from one level to the next in our education system can be difficult for some students. Therefore we have developed a comprehensive transition program across the school.


Preschool to Prep Transition

During fourth term Prep teachers spend time visiting each preschool where they have the opportunity to meet and talk to the kinder teachers and the new prep students. New prep students also have the opportunity to attend ‘school’ for a number of sessions where they can meet and get to know the other students, their teachers and become comfortable with the new environment.


Internal Transition

As students travel further up the school we continue to provide transition opportunities during fourth term. Students participate in Student Led Forums where they can ask questions about what happens/ changes from one year level to the next. Some students may have extra visits to the teacher they will have in the following year or will take home social stories about the new class they will be in. All students will also take part in an Orientation Day where they have the chance to meet their new teacher and classmates and spend some time in their new classroom.


Year Six to Secondary School

Each of the local secondary schools run events and programs to aid in the Year Six students’ smooth transition into high school. These events are organised and run by the secondary schools and usually start in term three. The Year Six teachers also have communication with staff at these schools either through forms to be completed or face to face meetings.