Teaching is not a lost art, but the regard for it is a lost tradition.

Jacques Barzun

All our staff members at St Brigid’s Catholic Primary School are valuable, and we would like to take this opportunity to recognise everything that they do and to thank them for going the extra mile for our students.

School Facilities

St Brigid’s Catholic Primary School is well equipped to meet the demands of modern schooling.

Facilities include a fully equipped art room which is used for specialist art lessons where the students can be immersed in their learning and a Discovery Centre which includes a well resourced library.

Physical activity is encouraged, and facilities include an oval, outside play equipment and a gymnasium.

Our classrooms have interactive whiteboards and a selection of IT equipment to assist in engaging students in learning activities. Each classroom is supplied with chromebooks and iPads and in addition, Middle and Senior students are provided with a chromebook to support their learning.

Our Classes

St Brigid’s Catholic Primary School has a student population of about 350. Our school is committed to a Year Prep to Year 6 sequential curriculum and all staff work in cooperative professional learning teams to provide quality education for all students. Our size allows all children in the school to interact with each other and develop friendships across the whole school community.

Bushfire At Risk Register School

Each day, the Bureau of Meteorology provides a Fire Danger Rating for each weather district in Victoria. Code Red is the highest level of rating in Victoria and it signifies the worst conditions for grass fires or bushfires. A Code Red day will be called no later than 1.00pm the day before, however a Code Red can be called a number of days in advance. Our school is on the Bushfire at Risk Register (BARR school) therefore will close on Code Red days. Staff and families will be advised as soon as a Code Red Day is declared. No staff or students may be on the school premise on a Code Red Day.

For more information see this link for Code Red Days.