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Principal’s Welcome

St Brigid’s Catholic Primary School has as its patron, the great Irish saint, Brigid (Feast day – February 1). It is Brigid’s example of faith and charity that has inspired our school motto ‘Grow in Wisdom and Love’.

St Brigid’s Catholic Primary School focuses on providing quality student centred education enriched by the values and traditions of the Catholic faith. It is a welcoming and inclusive community with a focus on parent engagement, social justice and student wellbeing. We aim to be a truly Christian community where joy, hope and ongoing growth are experienced by all. Our school is committed to the safety, wellbeing and inclusion of all children and young people. We work, in cooperation with parents, to develop in students respect for others, and a sense of responsibility and justice.

St Brigid’s, as a Catholic parish school, exists to support the spiritual, intellectual, physical, social and emotional growth of each student. We provide equal educational opportunities for all students by catering for individual needs. Staff and students are encouraged to engage in a personalised curriculum that values diversity and the growth of the ‘whole person’. While there are strong literacy and numeracy programs, the school also provides weekly specialist programs in Visual Arts, Physical Education, Performing Arts and Indonesian. The school also provides a range of initiatives to ensure students’ emotional and social wellbeing including our home grown K-Series, Rock and Water and Seasons for Growth as well as strong senior leadership programs.

At St Brigid’s the students are exposed to contemporary learning techniques, centred around the ever evolving world of technology. Student engagement through the use of ICT and STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) activities excite our students. We are an eSmart School, embracing technology with a focus on our students becoming smart, safe and responsible users of technology. We have been investing in robotics and virtual reality headsets and each classroom is equipped with iPads, interactive whiteboards, laptops and Chromebooks to help deliver a comprehensive contemporary curriculum.

We take pride in our school as a place of belonging, where students are given opportunities to explore their capabilities, interests and talents. Together we are ‘creating the future’.

This site contains information about various aspects of the school. I hope you find the information in the website helpful and I welcome any further enquires.

Victoria Wissell

St Brigid’s Vision Statement

A Christ-centred community;

Learning from the past,

Challenging the present,

Creating the future.

At St Brigid’s we are a welcoming, supportive community where we value the talents and contributions of each student. We continue to build and foster the whole school and value our school community’s involvement in the education of our students.

We are inspired by the life and teachings of Jesus Christ and we strive to create an environment where we can thrive and grow spiritually, academically, socially, emotionally and physically. The Democratic Principles of Australian Schooling also guide our school values and teaching practices. 


Saint Brigid

Saint Brigid was born in Ireland in the 5th century and her feast day is celebrated on February 1.

She was renowned for her generosity and compassion to the poor and the sick, often giving them the food from her own table.

Brigid, and some of her friends who also wished to devote their lives to Christ as nuns, chose the Beatitude ‘Blessed are the Merciful’ when they took their vows. Through their work with the poor, the sick, the invalid and in the teaching and helping neglected children, they became known as the Sisters of Mercy.

Brigid built a convent settlement and continued her work from that base, travelling about the district caring for the poor and converting many to the Church. She is renowned for her leadership and faithfulness to the Church.

When Saint Brigid died, her fellow nuns lit a fire in her honour before her tomb. For 600 years, the nuns never the let fire go out. This is why pictures of Saint Brigid often show a flame of light beside her, a symbol of the light she brought into the lives of so many, by helping them to understand the love of God.

The spirit of Saint Brigid is reflected in the vision statement and aims of our school.

Saint Brigid’s Cross

As the shamrock is associated with St Patrick, the small cross, made of rushes is linked forever to St Brigid of Ireland. Brigid died in 524 and among the many things and great charity for which she is known, it was while explaining Christ’s passion to a dying pagan that she wove her famous cross. It is believed that the St Brigid cross protects homes from evil and want.


What Are School Policies For?
A policy is an inclusive expression of desired outcome, rather than the old ‘school rules’ structure which only targeted pupils. At St Brigid’s we create policies that apply to the entire school community in order to manage, inform and ensure a better environment for everyone involved.

How Are School Policies Made?
St Brigid’s staff are involved in the composing of all of the Schools’ policies. These policies are then reviewed on cycles by the staff, leadership or school board before being ratified by the principal.

St Brigid’s Catholic Parish



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The Convent School – Healesville 1921